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Determining the name of the lesser angel to be used is a more complex and delicut situation. There are four base names in each (sub)quadrant, four (sub)quadrants per tablet, and four tablets. Then each lesser angel name may be rotated (permuted) to yield four names, each name based in a different element. This yields a total of 256 lesser angels, not counting the possibility of multi-lettered squares. So it would seem that a few guidlines for selecting an angel would be in order.


The Archangels and Kerubim of the sixteen (sub)quadrants may be characterized as follows, these angels must answer to the nature of their given tablet:

OF AIR. They are characterized by pairs of opposing forces such as expansion and contraction, solidification and dispersion. They seek a balance between such dual forces.

OF WATER. These angels are characterized by motion. They desire continual movement and seed change in all things.

OF EARTH. These angels desire manifestation. They seek to express the subjective in objective form.

OF FIRE. These angels are characterized by their desire to purify human nature. They seek purification of all lower human character traits by fire.


The lesser angels of the sixteen (sub)quadrants are characterized as follows, it should be remembered that these angels answer to those higher angels in the given (sub)quadrant or tablet:

OF AIR. These angels assist in purifications. They help to free one from illusion, diseases, ignorance and other karmic problems by a process of sublimation.

OF WATER. These angels assist in polarization. They can help to make one a fit receptical for what ever energy is desired.

OF EARTH. These angels assist in manifestations. They can help one to express the desire in a way that is manifest on the physical plane.

OF FIRE. These angels assist in transmutations. They help to disperse the lower elements of the human nature, they can refine the course into the fine.


It should be observed that the nature of the Archangels, Kerubim and lesser angels is simular. So too is the nature of the Elemental Tablets.

OF AIR. The tablet of Air answers to the lower mental cosmic plane. And as such may help in influencing thought in all thinking beings. The tablet of air is, like the Archangels and Kerubim of the Air (sub)quadrants, responsible for creation and destruction.

OF WATER. This tablet answers to the Astral cosmic plane, and as such also has the power of polarization. The use of this tablet may help us to seek the correct life direction and to stay on that course.

OF EARTH. The tablet of Earth answers to the Etheric cosmic plane, and also to the physical plane. It has been my experience that the use of this tablet not only solidifies processed started on other planes, but brings about results that may be quantified in the physical.

OF FIRE. The Fire tablet answers to the higher mental cosmic plane. By the use of this tablet we may expect to bring about transformations. A radical change in attitude or conditions. If used in conjuction with other elements total transformations, even on the physical plane may be brought about.


There are two ways in which we may select a lesser angel. First, we may determine the requirements of the desired change and translate that into a series of four elements. From this series we may then go to the tablets and find the name of an angel. I should note, however, that this manner of selection, while producing the desired result, may not use the desired means. One must ask oneself; do the ends justify the means?

The second method is more controlled. It is, however, a bit harder, and may result in one falling back to the previous method. Obtain an Enochian gematric dictionary (I think I sent one to Mysteria). Then using the first method as a starting point; apply Qabalistic and genatric methods to the names that look promising, then select the name that most closely fits the bill.


The basics of all Magical Ritual is the same, no matter the system. One must perform these following steps:

1. Banishings and purifications.
2. Preliminary Invocations.
3. The Oath.
4. Primary Invocations.
5. Evocations.
6. Charge and instructions to being evoked.
7. License to depart.
8. Banishings and purifications.

One must remember that steps 5 - 8 above depend on whether one is performing an invocation or an evocation. In Enochian the end is usually an evocation.

I have found that the old rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram work quite well for most of the Enochian working. The banishing of elemental forces is a MUST and these old rituals work quite well.

The preliminary invocations though, require some special attention. It not enough to simply invoke the Diety of choice. One must start with the Opening of the Temple in the mode of the selected tablet. Then one will recite the appropriate Enochian Calls. Then an invocation of the King and Seniors. And, finally the invocation of the higher angels and the evocation of the lesser.

Of the charge and instructions, license to depart; nearly anything works. This aspect of the ritual is dependant on the reasons and nature of the given ritual.

So ends this first installment on the subject of this most Holy Magick of Enoch. Go now unto thy habitations, study, understand, and become wise!


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